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St Mark's Primary School


If your child is absent from school because of illness, a doctor’s appointment or any other reason, you should telephone the school office (020 8648 2339) before 9:15am on each and everyday of absence.

You should make every effort to get your child to school every day.  If your child becomes unwell at school we will contact you.

If your child is sick or has diarrhoea we ask that you do not bring them to school until at least 48 hours has elapsed, to avoid the risk of infecting other children.

Parents are strongly advised by the Government and Local Authority to avoid taking children out of school in term time because of the disruption it causes to their education.

Authorised absence will only be granted during term time in exceptional circumstances and only if past attendance has been excellent. Contact office for leave of absence form.

Penalty notices may be issued for an unauthorised absence from school of at least 10 sessions (5 days).