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In our diverse, ever changing society, it has never been so important for children to learn about and engage with the world around them. Geography develops the children’s sense of pride in where they come from. It promotes British Values and highlights what unites people around the world. Geography transforms children into explorers, eco-warriors, critical thinkers and human rights advocates.



Our Geography curriculum encourages children to explore and be curious about the world around them. From EYFS through to Year 6, the children are taken on a journey around the world, exploring their own homes and localities as well as the rest of the UK, Europe and other continents. During their time at St Mark’s, the children acquire the knowledge and skills needed to become caring, responsible global citizens. Our aim is to encourage all children to engage positively with their surroundings and think critically about the wider world and how it affects them.



At St Mark’s Primary School, our Geography curriculum focuses on providing children with a variety of enriching, multi-sensory experiences. These range from school trips, using technology to explore foreign countries, cooking, learning traditional dances, exploring music learning languages and role play. Children develop their geographical enquiry skills through asking questions, reading, exploring and working collaboratively. Our inclusive curriculum encouraged to demonstrate their newly acquired knowledge in a range of ways including drawing, drama, talking and making models. Key geographical skills are an integral part of our curriculum and children are offered many opportunities to develop and embed these skills in different contexts throughout their time at St Mark’s.



We use a range of strategies to assess the development of the children’s knowledge and skills.

  • The class teacher’s ongoing formative assessments
  • Book Scrutinies
  • Lesson observations and feedback
  • Pupil Voice surveys
  • Skills-based formative assessments
  • Knowledge-based summative assessments


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To further develop your child's knowledge and understanding in Geography, encourage them to visit some of our recommended websites at home: