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St Mark's Primary School


The Reception teacher is Ms Meertins and she is supported by Ms Davies, Mrs Serwaah and Mrs Harris.  The children learn and explore in seven areas of learning (Communication and Language, Physical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Literacy, Maths, Understanding the world, Expressive Arts and Design) both indoors and outdoors.  The Reception class children are encouraged to question, create, persevere and problem-solve in a stimulating environment which embraces the characteristics of learning. 

Each day, our children learn through an exciting and varied timetable, which has a careful balance between children exploring and learning independently through play, and focused activities planned and led by adults.  Activities that take place are based on the children’s interests and stages of development. It is important that children are supported in Reception in order to be prepared for the transition into Year One. Towards the end of Reception, the balance will shift towards more activities led by adults in preparation for this transition.

Daily focused literacy and mathematics activities are planned that provide opportunities for adults to model appropriate language and subject specific skills.  We also teach phonics through the FFT Success for All Phonics programme. Children have daily whole class phonics sessions and support staff work with children who may need additional guidance. Throughout Reception, children are taught phase 2, 3 and 4 phonics. The national expectation is that by the end of Reception, children are able to write using sentences that are phonetically plausible and contains tricky words.  During their time in Reception, children will start taking home reading books that support their learning of phonics. 

Teachers and support staff recognise that all children learn differently and provide a safe environment where every child is nurtured and valued.

Yearly Overview  

Reception Medium Term Planning - Summer 1   

Reception Medium Term Planning - Spring 2  

Reception Medium Term Planning - Autumn 1  

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