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Year Five

The Year Five class teacher is Mr Sneddon and Mrs Rodford also works in Year 5 supporting children in their learning.

Year Five children are expected to work hard and conduct themselves in a mature manner.

In maths Year Five will be working with numbers up to and beyond one million.  They will learn about multiples, factors, prime numbers, square numbers and cube numbers and work with mixed numbers and improper fractions.  They will calculate problems involving area and volume and draw and measure angles and degrees.

In English we expect our Year Five children to be reading widely with good understanding.   In grammar, children will learn how to write direct speech and more complex sentences using expanded noun phrases.  They will be taught the use of commas, hyphens, semi-colons and colons.  The children also learn to use more advanced grammatical elements including relative clauses, modal  verbs, reported speech and parentheses.  Drama is used to develop the children's spoken language skills.  Handwriting will continue to be taught so that all children develop a legible and fluent style.  A wide range of writing will be covered including stories, poems, plays, posters and persuasive writing. 

In science the children will learn about the life cycle of plants and animals and how humans develop and mature.  They will classify materials and learn about mixtures and solutions.  In physics they will learn about the sun, earth and moon and resistance and mechanical forces.

Crime and Punishment and the Shang Dynasty are explored in history.  Children learn about Scandinavia, South American and natural resources in geography.

Children in Year Five learn Spanish during modern language lessons.

The children also participate in Enabling Enterprise projects which develop important skills including teamwork, creative thinking and leadership.


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