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St Mark's Primary School

Year Four

The Year Four class teacher is Miss Lee and she is supported by Mrs Murphy.

In Year 4, the pupils' competence in writing is enhanced further and they are able to skillfully use concepts and structures taught to them to make their writing more effective. They are able to use a more varied and informed use of specific pieces of punctuation, vocabulary and grammatical structures to enhance the quality of their writing. The pupils in Year 4 are taught to look analytically at texts and justify their views about what they have read. Their knowledge and understanding of spelling patterns and rules is further built upon from their learning in Year 3 (see below). 

Within the maths curriculum, pupils continue to follow a maths mastery approach. The pupils extend their knowledge of the number system, representing their findings using a variety of representations. The pupils' mental and written methods continue to be practiced with increasingly larger and more complex numbers to aid fluency. The pupils are expected to be confident with their times tables, and related division facts, up to 12x12 and this knowledge is checked at the end of Year 4. 

The Year 4 curriculum provides an abundance of broad and balanced learning opportunities across the academic year. Please see below for a snapshot of their curriculum.  

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